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THE big six

Initial Teacher Training

HOSTA is very proud to offer an excellent experience of teacher training for our candidates.

Continuing Professional Development

HOSTA has a large team of experienced staff offering a broad spectrum of specialisms and expertise in SEN

School To School Support

We are keen to offer support to our colleagues from other schools and establishments in the region.

Specialist Leaders In Education (SLE)

We have a team of SLEs ready to support in schools who have many years of SEN experience.

Succession Planning

If you have not experienced special education or you are an aspiring leader, please get in touch.

Research And Development

As a teaching alliance we tread new ground in researching the next developments in education.


Providing A Unique Opportunity To Work With Successful Schools With Specialist Skills


Hazel Oak School

Hazel Oak School caters for 163 pupils between the ages of 4 to 18 years

Forest Oak School

Forest Oak is a school for pupils with moderate learning difficulties between the ages of 4 and 18 years.

Merstone School

Merstone is an all age (2½-19) co-educational Special School.

Reynalds Cross School

Reynalds Cross currently has 103 pupils between the ages of 2 – 19yrs.

Dickens Heath School

Dickens Heath is a fully inclusive community primary schooll.


“Both Andy and Clair were really approachable and friendly.”

Team Teach

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