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Cognitive Behavioural Approaches in the Classroom

Cognitive Behavioural Approaches in the Classroom

Delivered by Lisa Sabotig ~ a chartered educational psychologist working in educational settings for 17 years. A member of the British Psychological Society.

This is a great value course that will leave you with practical solutions to build on with further support post-course.

A cognitive behaviour approach is based on the function that thoughts play in relation to our emotions, physiology, and our behaviours. This approach is based on the theory that change in thought processes can have a significant impact on our systems. CBT focuses on the ‘here and now’, together with strategies to improve an individual’s state of mind and the focus of this approach is not on causes of distress or past symptoms.

Some of the children and adolescents that we work in school with can be frequently overwhelmed with anxiety and negative thoughts. This in turn, can lead to self-criticism and debilitating, low levels of self-esteem.

This course will explore the frameworks and processes involved in CBT. It will furnish staff with tools to help the young people they work with re-assess negative assumptions. A key aim of this intervention is to support young people to alter their self-perceptions which can in turn improve their mental health and well-being.

Supporting young people to challenge negative thought patterns can lead to positive change. There is an emphasis on the requirement to learn key skills and to put these strategies into practice.

The course will cover:

  • ABC approach – (Activating event; Beliefs; and Consequences)
  • Core Beliefs
  • Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs)
  • Reframing negative thoughts
    • Disputing negative thoughts
    • Distraction strategies
    • Identifying emotion
    • Identifying thoughts
    • Relaxation strategies

    Structure of the course:

    Day 1 – Introduction of the core concepts and toolkit

    Assignments and learning journal between sessions

    Day 2 – Consolidating skills, Circle of Support for implementation

    1:1 solution focused consultation sessions in individual settings to build school capacity


    November/December 2018 - TBC


    Hazel Oak School, Hazeloak Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 2AZ

    Who for?

    All educational practitioners – particularly Primary and Secondary


    £300 per person, including lunch and refreshments.

    Please register your interest ASAP. 

    We are a new specialist Teaching Alliance in the Solihull borough, consisting of 4 outstanding special schools and a mainstream primary school. We aim to provide a wide range of training and support opportunities for the local educational community, offering insight into inclusion and SEN provision for all.


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